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Sacagawea Accessories

ZB-221 - Slanted Metal Brochure Holder

ZB-221 Slanted Metal Brochure Holder | Sacagawea Displays

If you are in the market for a high tech looking display booth at a modest price point, then give some thought to the attractive line up of Sacagawea replacement graphics from Classic. The Sacagawea line of Portable and Modular displays from Classic, are a breeze to set up, have a host of accessories to choose from, and are packaged in heavy duty roto molded shipping case.

Sacagawea Accessories

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Custom Modular Hybrid Displays | Sacagawea Accessories


Accessories that Hightlight the Style of Your Booth

Sacagawea Accessories:  It's the little things like brochure holders that make a booth easy to word, and Shopforexhibits has them in stock; ready to ship! Take a close look at the wide variety of Sacagawea accessories and how they can sharpen your image.

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 In the warp speed world of on line trade show display merchandising, you can distinguish your business by bringing your attention down to the personal level and truly try and serve your clients. We as service professionals, have to be willing to work harder to ask questions pro actively to understand what the client's expectations are for the display they're considering and not become order takers and processors. Normally, our clients will be glad to hear our opinion about the product they're considering purchasing, which in the end, validates their judgment too. At ShopForExhibits, we're proud to have the experience necessary to truly offer objective advise, and allow our clients to grow from it.

Classic Exhibits has developed a number of new outstanding products in the past few years that take advantage of lighter weight materials such as extruded aluminum and dye sublimation fabric, to bring new high demand products to the trade show exhibit industry. How did Classic come up with the right formula for success in the wake of a turbulent economy over the past 4 years? They happen to notice that certain aluminum shapes that they were already purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot as opposed to others, and determined that those shapes should be taken into account for future product development. With the help of a creative staff and a solid vision of the future, they've been able to bring to market, a series of well received new lines of custom modular hybrid displays. Heading the list of new custom modular hybrid displays is the Perfect 10 followed by the Magellan Miracle and Sacagawea tension fabric displays. Those distributors of trade show exhibit products who represent the Classic Exhibits line, now have a very impressive lineup of superb display products from which to select from.

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